Buying a new property

9 steps to becoming a homeowner


As brokers, we accompany you on every step of your real-estate project. We oversee discussions with the developer, the general contractor, the notary and with you. Our role is also to inform you about the contractual terms necessary for the smooth running of construction until the purchase of your property.



e-Potek: with e-Potek you benefit from the expertise of a mortgage adviser. They analyse your personal situation and propose the best possible financing plan. Once this is approved, e-Potek’s mission is to obtain the best certificate of financing from the bank in charge of the development.

The general contractor: it is commissioned by the developer for the construction of the real-estate project and oversees the progress of construction work from start to finish.

The notary: he advises you of all the legal particularities and subtleties linked to your acquisition. He is also responsible for the drafting and signing of the authenticated deed of sale. Finally, he assembles all of the guarantees related to mortgage financing.

The bank: it draws up your bank contract and those of the buyers for their project. It ensures that the sales prices are consistent with the property market and that all future co-owners have the means to purchase their property.


Acquisition process

1- e-Potek’s certificate of financing

This can be obtained free of charge on e-Potek’s website, which will, in just a few clicks, indicate your borrowing capacity.

2- Certificate of financing from the bank

This is essential to obtain confirmation of reservation of your property. e-Potek assists you in the establishment of the financing application. The goal? To obtain the best financing solution.

3- Reservation

This involves the signing of a reservation agreement and paying a deposit at the notary’s office. It is carried out with the broker and binds you with the latter and with the developer.

4- Allocation of the property

This is certified by the developer and implemented once the bank financing has been confirmed, the reservation agreement has been signed and the reservation deposit has been paid to the notary.

5- Signing of the credit agreement with the bank

e-Potek assists you throughout this step, but also to arrange the terms and conditions regarding your capital.

6- Signing of the contract with the general contractor

Now is the time to make your design choices. The client adviser assigned to the project and your broker accompany you throughout the construction of the real-estate project.

7- Signing at the notary’s office

All future buyers are invited and must pay for their share of the land, the first invoice from the general contractor and the notary fees.

8- Construction

The general contractor becomes your main partner and contacts you as work progresses for the settlement of the invoices. You will need to transmit instructions directly to your bank to carry out the payments.


The big day has arrived. You’re a homeowner!